Product Details

Dinrail Fiber Optic Patch Panel - ILIUD

Iveonet ™ Din rail fiber optic patch panel provides a unique solution to the space constraints often encountered in Industrial environments for managing and terminating multi core fibre. The small footprint and DIN Rail mounting features of the ILIUD allow it to be mounted in the same enclosure as the active electronics, rather than a separate enclosure.

The Iveonet ™ family of Din-Rail mountable fiber optic patch panels solve many of the problems installers and integrators have faced when trying to adapt a conventional fiber optic patch panel for use in power, control, SCADA and/or industrial cabinets. These Din rail Fiber LIU can be mounted directly to a conventional Din-Rail, which allows it to maintain a minimal footprint, keeps the patching in close proximity to the active equipment it serves and minimizes cable management in the cabinet.

The Din rail LIU can be configured with any connector style (including LC, LC/APC, SC, SC/APC, ST, FC and others) and any fiber type such as Single mode, 50 or 62.5um Multimode and common industrial fiber types such as 100/140 um or 200/230um. The fiber connections can be fabricated and tested in a lab environment, then pre-installed within the module, saving time, money and providing protection for the delicate fibers.


  • Compact DIN Rail Mount FOBOT
  • 6 / 12 / 24 Port (ST / SC / LC)
  • 12 Way Splice Tray
  • Inclusive of pigtails & through adaptors (Optional)
  • Gland Entry (top or bottom)


  • Process automation and control
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Rail signalling and control networks
  • Power systems and Control