Product Details

Armored Fiber optic Patch Cords

Iveonet ™ armored patch cords are used in customer premises, central offices and in harsh environments. The patch cords provide flexible interconnection to active equipment, passive optical devices and cross-connects.

Armored patch cords are constructed with a helical stainless steel tape over a buffered fibre surrounded by a layer of aramid and stainless steel mesh with an outer jacket.

This will help make the armored fiber patch cord resistant of high tension and pressure, it can resist the weight of an adult person, and it is not easy to break when bent or dragged. The inside armor can protect the whole cable from rodent.


  • Multi mode / Single mode
  • Indoor/Outdoor applications
  • Rugged construction
  • Protection from Rodent
  • Standard or custom assembly
  • Factory polished connectors
  • LSZH outer sheath
  • Reduce maintenance costs


  • Harsh Environments
  • Industrial, Process Control, Automation, SCADA Networks
  • Military & Avionics
  • CCTV / Security & surveillance