Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality is the core principle at Iveonet ™. The Iveonet ™ approach to quality requires each of us, individually and in teams, to understand, anticipate, and surpass the expectations of our customers. Quality demands continuous improvements in all of our processes, products, and services. Our success depends on our ability to learn from past experience, to embrace change, and to achieve the full involvement of all of our employees

Iveonet ™ product assures that each customer will receive the highest quality of products and service on each and every product. Iveonet ™ is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cable for voice, data and video worldwide. Iveonet ™ provides connectivity solutions for some of the largest distributors and OEM accounts in the world. We provide both standard and custom solutions for our customer's specific requirements.

Iveonet ™ conducts rigorous inspections to ensure the quality and reliability of all of our products. Extensive environmental and mechanical testing is performed on each product type to verify compliance on a continuing basis. If you are an existing customer, you have experienced our rapid delivery, product knowledge, quality assurance, and high level of service. If you are a new customer, give us a call. You will be pleased with our quality.

Connector Surface Inspection: Optical connector microscope (200x) is used to ensure the scratch free surface of the finished/polished connector. This is also important to ensure the cleanliness of the connector prior shipment

Optical Inspection: Optical inspection is very important for patch cord performance. Light source is launched to the patch cord for the actual Insertion Loss (IL) and Back reflection (BR) measurements. Back reflection is a parameter that measures how much light is back reflected at the connector. Each connector is tested individually for the IL and BR measurement. Back reflection meters are used for Insertion Loss (IL) and Back reflection (BR) measurements.

Geometric Inspection (Endface): Geometric inspection is critical to ensure proper physical contact between connectors under mating. Geometric requirements are important for the quality control. This ensures reliable mating and avoid damaging occurs when mated to other connectors. Optical interferometer is used for geometric inspection of optical connector. The end face geometry tolerances guarantees the customer a reliable and a quality product. Interferometric ferrule endface inspection is mandatory for controlled and mastered manufacturing processes. Upon request a Quality Control Report can be issued for each assembled connector.