IVEONET ™ focuses on fiber optic solutions for Telecom, industrial, broadcasting, defence, tactical, security, bio-medical and future networks


Iveonet ™ products provide a robust communications network for the challenges of this

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Iveonet ™ products and services ensure your data infrastructure performs flawlessly, whether the

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Datacenter and Storage

Iveonet ™ fiber optic products are designed and manufactured to optimize your data storage

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Iveonet ™ products withstand the harshest environments, allowing systems to continue to run

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Fiber Optic Patch Panels

Mini Fiber Optic Patch Panels are designed to support fusion splice or direct termination

Fiber Optic patch cords

Iveonet ™ provides an extensive line of high performance fiber assemblies.

Fiber Optic adaptors

Fibre Optic Adapters are essential component in a fibre optic network

Fiber Optic pigtails

Fiber Optic Pigtail assemblies are utilised in terminating fiber optic cables